Budget-friendly, high-quality components available from locations world wide.

TRIO offers a complete line of pulleys and idlers.

These components are increasingly popular as after-market replacement parts and are used by a variety of conveyor manufacturers around the world. These parts are available through our retail distribution channels and are stocked in locations around the world.


Using proven seal and can designs and heavy-duty frames, these idlers are ideal for medium duty aggregate applications.

The line, currently comprised of 4" B Idlers and 5" C idlers, is widely available and is being used by both end users as well as large OEM conveyor manufacturers. The "Sealed for Life" bearings eliminate the need for any maintenance. The idlers are also interchangeable with a number of other manufacturer's products.


TRIO offers both head pulleys and heavy-duty fabricated tail pulleys.

These heavy-duty pulleys use engineered end discs, standard XT style bushings for attachment on shafting, machined crowns and vulcanized lagging.

Speed Reducers

Helical gear tooth design and twin tapered bushings make these reducers the optimal gearboxes for conveyors, mixers and packing machines.

Corrosion resistant, precision machined, ductile iron cast housings. Ribbed housing construction provides strong bearings and gearing support. Oil channeled to all bearings for superior lubrication. Double lip seals retain oil while locking out dirt. Reducer mounts directly on driven shaft, eliminating the need for coupling or chain drive, sliding motor base and support structure and avoiding all alignment problems.

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