Jaw Crushers

TRIO offers a wide range of sizes of primary and secondary jaw crushers. They incorporate steeply aligned toggle seats for efficient nip angles and high production rates. The primary models offer hydraulically adjusted wedges for quick and easy adjustments to closed side settings. All sizes incorporate a fixed jaw die configuration with a wrap-around design that protects the crusher frame. Easy-to-maintain cheek plate bolt system. Crushers are driven by extra large, overhead eccentric shafts seated in closely-spaced spherical, self-aligning roller bearings. Comparisons with other brands will show that TRIO crushers are among the most heavy-duty machines available. Important features to consider are: bearing size, shaft size, machine weight.

Model / Size

  • CT1030 - 10"x30"
  • CT1040 - 10"x40"
  • CT1048 - 10"x48"
  • CT1252 - 10"x52"
  • CT2036 - 20"x36"
  • CT2436 - 24"x36"
  • CT2650 - 26"x50"
  • CT3042 - 30"x42"
  • CT3254 - 32"x54"
  • CT3648 - 36"x48"
  • CT4254 - 42"x54"
  • CT4763 - 47"x63"
  • CT6080 - 60"x80"


  • Pitched fixed jaw dies and steeply aligned toggle seats. Most efficient nip angles. Highly-effective geometry
  • Fixed jaw dies with wrap-around design protects the frame and eliminates the need for additional wedges
  • Hydraulically adjusted wedges for quick adjustments to the closed setting when new products are needed or as the jaw dies wear
  • Side tensioning wedges to keep dies in correct operating position
  • Advanced cheek plate bolt system for easy maintenance
  • Extra large, drop-forged, heat-treated overhead eccentric shafts
  • Spherical, self aligning roller bearings
  • Fabricated, stress relieved steel frame
  • Bolted frames (some models)
  • Machined jaw plates and seating surfaces
  • Reversible jaw plates
  • Manual shim or hydraulic wedge closed side setting


  • Primary and secondary hard rock crushing
  • Mixed demolition debris
  • Crushed or broken concrete
  • Asphalt
  • River rock


  • One-year warranty
  • Continuing service commitment
  • Global distribution
  • Rapid delivery
  • Off-the-shelf parts
  • Superior quality
  • Advanced materials & processes
  • Improved service life of critical components
  • Lower maintenance & operating costs
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