Protect aggregates processing equipment with TRIO's permanent and electro-magnets.

TRIO builds two styles of magnets for use in removing ferrous materials from conveyors—permanent magnets and electro-magnets.

Both styles are available in self-cleaning and stationary variations. Self-cleaning electro-magnets and self-cleaning permanent magnets can be installed in cross-belt or in-line configurations.

Electro Magnets

For efficient work in heavy-duty applications, nothing can compare to the power of the magnetic field created by an electro-magnet.

TRIO's electro-magnets are available in self-cleaning and stationary variations, variable strengths and wattage and feature stainless steel armor-clad belting and rectifiers in NEMA enclosures.

Permanent Magnets

Permanent magnets offer an economical ferrous removal solution.

TRIO's powerful self-cleaning permanent magnets are suspended overhead, mounted in heavy-duty steel frames and traversed by a heavy-duty vulcanized armored belt running on two pulleys. The magnets require no electric power and the belts can be driven either by electric or hydraulic power.

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