Whatever the application, from cemented aggregates to salt reclamation, TRIO has washers to fit your needs.

TRIO's Line of Washers

TRIO offers heavy-duty log washers and fine- and course-material washers which are well suited for removal of unwanted materials in natural and manufactured sand, concrete reclamation, salt reclamation, and municipal waste removal.

Log Washers

TRIO's log washers are ideal for scrubbing difficult materials.

Tough insoluble clays, conglomerates, soft stone and cemented aggregates are difficult to clean in normal screw machines. The log washer scours, breaks down and cleans the toughest materials. All TRIO log washers are equipped with extreme-duty gearboxes

Fine Washers

TRIO's fine material sand screws are designed for dewatering, washing and classification.

With adjustable overflow weirs, the sand screws enable operators to control the depth of the head and velocity of overflow waste water. The large overflow feed box allows for the retention of finer mesh materials or if necessary, for the removal of those particles. All TRIO fine washers are built with large, three-stage gearboxes.

Coarse Washers

TRIO's coarse material washers are designed to scrub and clean gravel and crushed stone up to 2 1/2" in size.

The unit's cast paddles provide a highly abrasive washing action that separates aggregate from dust, soluble clay, and wood particles. All TRIO washers are built with large, three stage gearboxes and outboard lower bearing assemblies. All TRIO coarse washers are built with large, three-stage gearboxes.

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