Coarse Washers

TRIO's coarse material washers are designed to scrub and clean gravel and crushed stone up to 2 1/2" in size.

The unit's cast paddles provide a highly abrasive washing action that separates aggregate from dust, soluble clay, and wood particles. All TRIO washers are built with large, three stage gearboxes and outboard lower bearing assemblies. All TRIO coarse washers are built with large, three-stage gearboxes.

Model / Size


    • TCW3618 - 36"x18'
    • TCW3618 Blade - 36"x18'
    • TCW4420 - 44"x20'
    • TCW4420 Blade- 44"x20'


    • TTCW3618 - 36"x18'
    • TTCW3618 Blade - 36"x18'
    • TTCW4420 - 44"x20'
    • TTCW4420 Blade - 44"x20'


    • Coarse Material Washers and blade mills ideally suited for scrubbing and cleaning up to 2 1/2" to 3" material
    • Built with large, three stage gearboxes and outboard lower bearing assemblies
    • Heavy gauge plate tubs
    • Extreme duty gearbox with 100% to 16% reduction capability
    • Oversize bearings and gears
    • Heavy duty, replaceable shoes
    • Heavy duty conveying paddles
    • Rising column of water
    • Extra-thick shafting
    • Cast paddles and wear shoes
    • Bolt on flight and paddle hubs
    • Units can be operated with electric, hydraulic, or combustion power.
    • Units complete with support legs, adjustable motor base, motor guard, lifting lugs and supports and v-belts guard
    • For tougher applications, additional paddle configurations can be used in lieu of conveyor flights


    • Gravel
    • Crushed stone
    • Mixed clay material
    • Mixed debris
    • Mud
    • Environmental


    • One-year warranty
    • Continuing service commitment
    • Global distribution
    • Rapid delivery
    • Off-the-shelf parts
    • Superior quality
    • Advanced materials & processes
    • Improved service life of critical components
    • Lower maintenance & operating costs
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